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Fundamental Steps
Selecting Provider
Choosing Facility
Other Services



Selecting a care provider is not an easy venture. 

Our primary role is to help our residents to preserve their dignity.



  •  Professional Comprehensive Assessment is required by State of Washington Department Of Social And Health Services, and  furnished before residency agreement is established between resident and Adult Family Home Provider.


  • The Assessment is divided in to several sections specifying comprehensively what type of care and services are requires for the resident. The evaluation is done for the good of the resident.  Reassessment usually is prepared after six months of residency, (or earlier depending on circumstances). Copies of the assessments are held at all times in our Adult Family Home Provider File.


  •    The evaluation could be prepared by:
  1. DSHS representative ( Case Worker ). 

  2. Licensed and Permitted Partition Doctor.

  3. Licensed and Permitted Registered Nurse.

Personal Hygiene

  •   Total assistance with bathing - showering is provided at all times for the resident if they are unable or  incapable for any reason  or circumstances to maintain necessary daily sanitation on their own. Special creams and body lotions are applied to maintain or prevent any kind of skin problems. Total assistance is provided in all grooming tasks and completed by caregivers if the resident requests or is unable to maintain themselves. On resident request  additional professional services could be arranged and provided. Total assistance with dressing and undressing is always provided to the resident if the resident is unable or incapable for any reason  or circumstances to select appropriate clothing to wear. Laundry is totally completed for the residents in our home, if out of home laundry, chemical or dry cleaning or other is required, it could be arranged at any time. Expenses  related for cleaning pick-up and delivery will be done by AFH provider without additional cost to the resident.



  •  Home style complete meals are served three times a day. All meals are prepared at home to the resident's specific diet, and contain nutritional balance. From time to time we place an order and bring something to eat from local restaurants. Snacks, favorite fruits, desirable soft drinks and juices are  served to the residents at any desirable time.  High level vitamins and mixed fruits are served everyday to the residents allowing  us bring together healthy nutritional balance. European bakery goods, desserts and delicious appetizers, bread, rolls, cakes, pies are baked in-house based on old fashioned European recipes.  Rich flavors and tasty ice creams and cookies are served as desserts. Chips with home made dips are served as appetizers. Supplemental drinks are served between meals on request, or if necessary to keep the resident  in good condition. 



  • Suitable fitness activities for residents are provided which have been previously consulted with the resident, family member, guardian or doctor, and synchronized with physical abilities to maintain fitness. In addition, special therapies in variance of fitness profiles are arranged. The therapies usually are set  on the doctor's order which focus to preserve or improve the resident's current physical and mental shape.  We will schedule any arrangements with necessary transportation. A wide variation of enjoyable games is provided for the residents. 



  • Daily newspaper, weekly, and monthly magazines are provided at no additional cost to residents. All rooms are furnished with cable TV and a private phone line at no additional cost to the resident. Books, tapes and magazines or other pleasing literature can be checked out  from the local library. Video tapes with educational, musical, theatrical, etc. profiles are rented at no additional cost to the resident. Our landscape is designed to attract wild animals and birds to bring visual enjoyments for our residents. Form time to time live musical performance is arranged.  


  •  For more information on your right to control your health care, contact:
  1. Your Health Care Administrator, Owner or Manager
  2. The State Long-Term Care Ombudsman (1-800-562-6028)
  3. Your Local Area Agency on Aging
  4. Your Local Legal Service Office
  5. Your Local Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
  6. Aging and Adult Services Administration (1-800-422-3263)


  •   For assistance and/or referral in making an Advance Directive, contact:
  1.     AARP (American Association of Retired Person) (1-800-424-3410)
  2.     Your Hospital Social Services Department
  3.     Washington Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (1-800-759-4357)


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